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At D55, we believe in the relentless pursuit of progress. We understand that in today's fast-paced world, standing still is not an option. Our manifesto is rooted in the mindset of a sherpa and the core belief that technology is a catalyst for change, and change is the key to growth. We strive to empower you to embrace change with confidence and enthusiasm, driving lasting transformation and progress through knowledge and fearless exploration.

Vision and Mission


Empowering organisations to realise the full value of AWS cloud computing.


To be a trusted partner to our customers, helping them to be the best they can be, through innovative AWS cloud solutions.


Deep roots in energy, but ultimately we’re creative problem solvers

In 2016, D55’s co-founders met as part of a team solving complex B2B billing problems in the energy industry. The team had a perfect mix of technical talent, a growth mindset, minimal ego, and a collaborative and supportive dynamic. Above all, they built a reputation for getting stuff done. D55 was founded in 2018, quickly achieving AWS partnership in 2019 and adding dozens of highly skilled Cloud Architects, DevOps Engineers, Analysts and Testers. We’ve never looked back.

It’s fair to say we know a lot about B2B energy, and have worked on a wide range of engagements including incredibly detailed industrial pricing engines to complex systems integration between multiple COTS systems. We’ve found over time that the challenges and opportunities facing the energy industry also apply to many other sectors.

As an aside, a “D55” is a data bundle sent between energy suppliers in the UK when a consumer switches to a new provider. This is a nod to our energy heritage, and also to switching to something new and better when you engage with D55.

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Solving problems with passion

Our Culture

Fundamentally, we love solving problems, and this simple premise is at the heart of everything we do. We excel in working with the latest AWS cloud-native technologies, but the real value our clients recognise comes from our collaborative, relationship-led approach to consultancy. Known for being pragmatic and transparent, we tackle problems at the earliest opportunity, solving them together. Our culture is as vital to our success as our technical prowess, with our passion evident throughout engagements.
Jonathan Rothwell
Jonathan Rothwell

An experienced MD and IT Director, Jonathan specialises in delivering large-scale digital transformation projects and lean MVP product development. He focuses on using technology to create new revenue streams and enhance business processes.

Chris Bunch
Chris Bunch

Passionate about cloud computing and the core principles of DevOps (automation and continuous improvement), Chris is a cloud veteran who loves to help scale businesses and talk about how AWS can help solve problems.

Rhys Jacob
Rhys Jacob

With a background in distributed systems and experience building mobile and web applications, Rhys brings a wealth of expertise to D55. His career highlights include working on major websites and leading startups from concept to fully featured enterprise applications.

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