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The modernisation journey - your route to AWS innovation

Navigate the Stages of Cloud Adoption with Confidence

The roadmap shown below highlights the end to end stages from initial migration to getting value from fully integrated AI. We can help you at every stage of your AWS journey - but it’s your choice when to engage us. With effective modernisation at each stage of the process, your AWS environment will support your business to move fast and innovate.
Cost Optimisation
Cheap Compute Data in Cloud
Pace of Delivery
Business Performance
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Integration & Data Lake
Data Driven Decisions
Data Security & Governance + Data Insights


Leverage AI to drive business outcomes
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Typically our customers are already deployed in AWS, but if not, our migration experts will guide you through a smooth transition of your infrastructure to the AWS cloud platform.

Say goodbye to legacy systems and hello to scalability, flexibility and enhanced performance. Our migration services are designed to simplify the process, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations while immediately accessing  the core benefits of cloud computing.There are significant opportunities for cost savings at this early stage, through effective provisioning, right sizing and scheduling of your environment.


Seamlessly Transition Your Systems to the Cloud

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Uncover the full potential of cloud computing with our modernisation services.

This is where a large portion of our work gets done. If you built your environment some years ago, or maybe completed a lift and shift, we’ll help you revamp and recode your applications, making them cloud-native, efficient, scalable and often serverless. We’ll review options for significant licence cost removal, such as replacing SQL Server with Postgres, and replacing IaaS with PaaS wherever possible.


Upgrade and Optimise Your Applications for the Cloud

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Deliver new, smarter, services to your customers, enabled by cloud computing.

With a modernised environment, you’ll spend less time managing, patching and maintaining - and more time on experimenting, innovating and releasing new solutions. As global AWS GameDay World Champions, D55 are uniquely positioned to assist you to try new things. Fast.


Drive Innovation and Growth

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It’s amazing what you can learn when you own, control and can really use your data

We’ll help you to aggregate, store and process your data - so you own it and have access to use it effectively in real time. With AWS’ advanced analytics capability, you can enable true data-driven decision making. We’ll focus on cost, speed alongside security as the number one principle of our data work.

We commonly build event driven workflows to drive systems integration between COTS platforms, not just to synchronise data between platforms, but also to enable new business workflows and logic to be run.

Integration & Data Lake

Centralise and Analyse Your Data with a Scalable Data Lake

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Develop Intelligent Applications Powered by AI and Machine Learning

Create automated solutions that you never thought possible, using the power of AI.With your systems and data in a reliable and consistent state, you’re ready to move on to building AI into your business. Whether you want access to a variety of Large Language Models, to securely combine them with your own data, or explore conversational programming and building new apps in record time, we can help.

You might want to use natural language to query your own complex data sets to solve problems, or maybe enable your customer service teams to be more efficient. Either way, we can help you build AI into your applications and workflows - and beat the competition.


Put Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to work in your business.

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Transform your business, one step at a time

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs

Your business is unique, with its own challenges and goals. Our roadmap allows you to start and progress at your own pace, tailoring the journey to your specific needs. Whether you're aiming to migrate to the cloud, modernise your applications, or integrate AI solutions, D55 is here to guide you through every step.

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Our notable area of specialism is the energy sector, where we have deep domain knowledge. However, the commonality of the challenges means that frequently work across diverse industries, including for private equity backed growth businesses, and would love to talk to you about how D55 can redefine how you think about modernisation.

Take a look at our collection of case studies showcasing the transformative impact of partnering with D55 and AWS.

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