AWS Modernisation Viability Assessment

Evaluate the feasibility and benefits of modernising existing Microsoft applications on AWS.

The Modernisation Viability Assessment (MVA) is a process that evaluates current Microsoft applications to determine which ones can be moved to cloud-native services or open-source technology on AWS. If you dream of a costed plan to replace SQL Server with a serverless Aurora based deployment, or to update a legacy .NET application, we should talk.

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The benefits of running a modernisation viability assessment?

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  • Feasibility Evaluation

    The Modernisation Viability Assessment (MVA) evaluates existing Microsoft applications to determine their suitability for modernisation on AWS. By analysing factors such as architecture, dependencies, and compatibility with cloud-native services, organisations gain insights into the feasibility of modernising their applications.

  • Cost and Benefit Analysis

    MVA provides organisations with a detailed cost and benefit analysis of modernising their Microsoft applications on AWS. By comparing the potential cost savings, performance improvements, and business benefits against the investment required for modernisation, organisations can make informed decisions about technology investments.

  • Risk Mitigation

    MVA helps organisations identify potential risks and challenges associated with modernising their applications on AWS. By assessing factors such as security, compliance, and data migration, organisations can develop risk mitigation strategies to ensure a smooth modernisation process.

  • Technology Alignment

    MVA evaluates the alignment of existing Microsoft applications with cloud-native services and open-source technologies available on AWS. By identifying opportunities for leveraging AWS services such as Amazon RDS, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3, organisations can optimise their applications for the cloud and improve scalability, reliability, and performance.

  • Informed Decision Making

    By providing comprehensive insights into the modernisation viability and benefits, MVA enables organisations to make informed decisions about their modernisation strategies. Whether it's re-hosting, refactoring, or rebuilding applications on AWS, organisations can choose the approach that best aligns with their business goals and technical requirements.