Specialists in AWS Application and Data Modernisation for the Energy industry and beyond.

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D55 will help you get the most from your applications and AWS - enabling you to work smarter, move faster and deliver new and better services to your end customers.

Modernisation. Redefined.

We are passionately pragmatic, and will meet you where you are on your modernisation journey. Often our clients have deployed workloads in AWS, however they are not yet getting full value because they:

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  • Are spending too much
  • Have too much manual work / process inefficiency between systems
  • Have applications built on a legacy code base, including outdated design patterns and frameworks
  • Have not fully adopted a DevOps mindset and are not confident to release code
  • Have siloed data across multiple systems which is not yet providing the value it should

We strongly believe that modernisation across infrastructure, applications and data provides a clear pathway to ultimately getting AI done right, first time.

Learn more about the modernisation journey
Modernisation drives material business outcomes
Reduction in IT spend adopting serverless
Faster insights adopting managed analytics
Solving problems and supporting innovation
Real-World Success Stories
Our notable area of specialism is the energy sector, where we have deep domain knowledge. However, the commonality of the challenges means that frequently work across diverse industries, including for private equity backed growth businesses, and would love to talk to you about how D55 can redefine how you think about modernisation.

Take a look at our collection of case studies showcasing the transformative impact of partnering with D55 and AWS.

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D55 Background

AWS excellence at our core

We specialise in complex application modernisation, not undifferentiated lift and shift. Examples of our common engagements include:

  • Application level development, we’re specialists in .Net and Java – and crucially how these frameworks best interact with AWS services such as Lambda, ECS and DynamoDB to build a truly modern architecture. Often this involves moving from traditional 3-tier configurations to a low cost, scalable serverless architecture using Node.js and Lambda.
  • Infrastructure optimisation, such as the move to a blisteringly fast and fully managed serverless Aurora database – and associated removal of expensive Microsoft or Oracle licensing costs.
  • Meaningfully improve data quality, introducing new event driven workflows using your business logic. We can perform complex systems integration, including provisioning data lakes to not just aggregate and query data in real time.

Our Advanced Partnership status with AWS and multiple service delivery specialisms validate D55’s profound technical expertise, experience and track record in delivering cutting edge solutions to our clients. Working with D55 and AWS is a true partnership. If you want us to manage it all, we will - but more commonly, we’ll work with your teams to upskill and enable them along the way.

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"Excellent technical knowledge, productive and responsive. Will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction."

Chris Trigg
Co-Founder, Managing Director

"D55 are a highly experienced team that helped lead our business to push for and deliver an innovative and ambitious legacy to AWS transformation, with confidence. D55 have become a valued development and consultancy partner thanks to their excellent practical capability and their ability to apply the most appropriate working methodology to the challenge at hand."

Ed Berry
Head of Digital Products

"D55 have helped to develop our CRM system and have been a valued partner in this process. We continue to work with D55 on our application development and would have no hesitation to recommend them."

Andrew Bright
ITP Energised

"D55 have proved to be an excellent development partner offering expertise and predictable delivery, with flexibility to respond to changing business needs. They have helped us explore new AWS technologies, challenged our thinking and sped up our adoption of relevant platform services."

Arran Stevenson
Director of Architecture

“D55 has been transformative for our business. They understood the business and our challenges and built a system that supports how we work now, as well as leveraging new technologies which are more cost-effective and increase our speed to deliver. Thanks to D55 we don’t have to worry about the day-to-day, so we can focus on the exceptional issues facing our industry."

D55 Client
UK-based sustainable B2B Energy company
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Empowering Business Success

Driving Business Solutions with Expertise and Innovation

D55 addresses business challenges through a strategic blend of methodologies, processes and technology. As an AWS Advanced Partner and learning organisation, our entire team are fully AWS certified or on the pathway to being certified. We excel in cloud engineering, harnessing AWS tools like CodeBuild, CodePipeline and CloudFormation. Our approach prioritises Infrastructure as Code and DevOps practices for optimal cloud solutions. We're dedicated to selecting the most suitable tools for each project, ensuring the delivery of quality software solutions that effectively address business needs.

Driving Innovation Together

Technical Prowess, Collaborative Culture

Established in 2018 by Rhys Jacob and Jonathan Rothwell, D55 emerged from a dynamic team solving intricate billing challenges in the energy industry. With a blend of technical mastery, collaborative ethos and a relentless drive to deliver, D55 has earned a reputation for excellence. Specialising in cloud-native technologies, our consultancy thrives on problem-solving and fosters transparent, relationship-driven solutions. Embracing a culture of pragmatism and continuous improvement, our team of Cloud Architects, DevOps Engineers, Analysts and Testers operate within our enterprise-ready Kanban framework to deliver tangible business value for our clients.

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Evolving Excellence

D55's Commitment to Innovation

At D55, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, constantly striving to stay ahead of industry trends and evolving client needs. Our dedication to innovation is reflected in our ongoing initiatives, including the introduction of new service offerings, strategic partnerships and investment in training programs.

By staying at the forefront of technological advancements and best practices, we ensure that our clients benefit from the latest innovations and solutions. Whether it's exploring emerging technologies, enhancing our service capabilities or refining our delivery processes, we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. Partner with D55 to experience the power of innovation and drive your cloud transformation forward.

Unlocking Excellence

At D55, we stand out in the competitive landscape of cloud consultancy by offering unparalleled expertise, a collaborative consulting approach and a proven track record of delivering successful cloud transformations. 

Our deep knowledge and experience in AWS technologies allow us to architect cutting-edge solutions tailored to each client's unique needs. We believe in collaborative problem-solving, working closely with our clients to understand their challenges and co-create innovative solutions.

With a focus on delivering tangible business outcomes, we pride ourselves on our ability to drive value and accelerate growth for our clients through cloud adoption. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of AWS Cloud.